Successful data management Part – 1

Implementing SAP Successfully- Best Practices
What could be more damaging to a company and its stakeholders than a multi-million dollar project failure, especially if it’s an ERP implementation, where the losses are not only financial but also of reputational?

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a software system or package that supports automation of core business processes such as Finance, Marketing & Sales, Production and Logistics.

As the businesses grow and become complex it is difficult, almost impossible for the employees to carry out the day-today tasks without errors and putting in massive effort to get the information and making right decisions. An ERP system provides the users a structured approach to store, retrieve and edit information and supports the flow of information by automation of the business processes. SAP is the market leader and the largest selling ERP package in the world with 121,000 installations in 120 countries. In this series of articles we will see the best practices in implementing this system in a organization.

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