TSI Essay Contest winning entry – Teleportation and You


Every time I get to watch Star trek or devour a page or two of HG WELL’s charismatic Sci-Fi Novels, it seems as though I have been sucked into a brand new universe where humans behaved like sub atomic particle, zipping –zapping, replicating, combining, teleporting and doing chores at the speed of light, where science and Fiction co-exist peacefully.

Science has been this area of education which has always intrigued me. Science is everywhere, you can understand it, you can feel it and most importantly, you can use it to make life a lot easier. Being more precise, PHYSICS, the most fundamental reasoning behind the functioning of every single object in this universe – Minute as a quark, humongous as a black hole. (to save your time and precious WHITE PAPER, allow me to time warp into the future and reach the point of discussion where i would have finally reached ,but sluggishly, gradually , tasting every morsel of the Scientific temper boiling within me!) But one isolated blemish in scientific fabric, that being so ferocious and hard hitting on this beautiful brain! At the same time, the intriguing and DANGEROUSELY attractive world of Quantum Mechanics that opens up our path to the fictional elements of science, including TELEPORTATION, that for years, has been considered   a fragment of human imagination.

When I grow up to become a scientist , maybe I won’t be able to teleport people but at least , I can guarantee a thunderous start up to this new division of science. Teleportation is usually considered vanishing of Super heroes on earth and reappearance on some other bizarre location in the vast outer space. (the primary STAR TREK definition) But there is more to it in science; Teleportation refers to travelling large distances yet not LITERALLY covering that distance manually! In simpler words, if you are on earth and wish to reach the Moon, by approximately you will have to travel 3, 84,400km by a Space ship, but what if you get to reach the moon never having to travel the great expanse of space in between!   And my friend that is what H.G. Wells called … TELEPORTATION. This can be achieved by usage of a segment of Quantum mechanics , the so called QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT ’ which hilariously enough had been called ‘ spooky Action At A Distance’ by the great Albert Einstein after a   lifelong debate with Neils Bohr who seemingly had the better of it, with a studier scientific argument. Precisely ‘entanglement’ refers to a physical phenomenon that occurs when pairs or groups of particles are generated or interact in ways such that the quantum state of each particle cannot be described independently—instead, a quantum state may be given for the system as a whole. Demonstrating with a example , Let’s say you have two rotating circles with six to eight colored sectors ( Alternate colors of Red and Blue ) , the first one being placed at your home and the other on some useless Asteroid floating in the Andromeda galaxy. You rotate the circle at your home and let’s assume it halts at a blue colored sector, then without any doubt you can say that the other circle which had been entangled (Quantum) will halt at a red colored sector. And my dear reader, a group of scientist has already been successful in Teleporting a particle 3 meter apart from its initial position with 100% accuracy, though this is the very first brick in this tower of scientific advancement. It has laid down a strong base for futuristic theory to rely upon.

Teleporting human will be the biggest challenge and I wish to achieve it by building a Teleporting arena (similar to that in Star trek) that can make human movement a lot easier, cheaper and convenient. This arena shall consist of Teleporting tubes that can increase and breakdown the human bodies in to a clump of atoms, which further shall be entangled with atoms, placed in a similar tube far away. All the information, including genetic data shall be replicated on the atoms placed in destination tube and the process shall continue the other way round and lo! We will find our self at a desired destination in negligible time! Though, we will have to lose our previous atoms, the original ones that our body was made up off but anyway it does not really matter because it is the genetic information of our body that really defines us as HUMANS, our intelligence …. Our capability.



Gaurav Pati

Standard -Class-IX-F

Delhi Public School,

Vasant Kunj,

New Delhi-110070