Science Trail

Science City, Kolkata is the largest science centre in the Indian subcontinent under National Council of Science Museums (NCSM)


1Science City


Pic: Entrance


Pic: Ropeway

It is a popular weekend attraction that is fun and educative at the same time.

One can enjoy a ropeway ride into the Science centre to view the magnificent structures that make up the galleries. Also, one can take the benefit of the entertainment from amusement activities like caterpillar ride, gravity coaster, musical fountain, road train, monorail cycle, butterfly nursery and several exhibits on physical and life sciences and a maze set up in a lush green ambience.


 3Evolution Centre

Pic: Evolution Park

Evolution Park

A theme tour of 1300 square meter covering 7 large walk through dioramas with 71 robotic pre-historic animals, 26 dinosaurs and 140 early plant model set to their periods. It portrays the story of evolution of animal life, specially the extinct species.

4Space Theatre

Pic: Dome Theatre

Space Odyssey

A state of the art Space Theatre is housed in a 23-meter diameter tilted dome having unidirectional seating arrangements for 360 persons.


 5Science Theatre

3-D Theatre and Science Museum

3-D Vision Theater. A show based on stereo back projection system where visitors experience 3D effect by Polaroid spectacles.


6Mirror house 1

Pic: Mirror room

Mirror Magic. There are 35 exhibits based on reflection of light.

Time Machine. 30-seater motion simulator provides virtual experience of space flight or journey into unknown world sitting in a casual maneuvered by hydraulic motion control system.


Maritime Centre

Depicts maritime history of India, related artifacts and interactive exhibits on shipping and navigation systems.


Convention Centre Complex

This comprises of

  • Grand Theater: With stage for 100 performers and seating for over 2000 people,it is the largest auditorium in eastern India.
  • Mini Auditorium: ideal for smaller conferences and shows.
  • Seminar Building: Is an ideal venue for seminars and workshops.


Digital Image

Pic: Digital Imaging

Green House

Pic: Greenhouse

The Science city offers all the ingredients for a fun weekend in natural surroundings, so don’t forget to visit it when you are in Kolkata