Clinical Trial scenario in India

Clinical Trial in India “Are we really are the Guinea Pigs”, and Current Indian Scenario

What we perceive from Clinical Trials is testing of a drug on human beings who are treated as experimental “guinea pigs”.

Clinical research is part of developing a new drug molecule or testing the generic copies of the more costly and unavailable drug. Yes, it looks as we humans are guinea pigs and companies are testing their drugs on us like Guinea pigs, but there are two sides of a coin.

Drug manufacturing companies and Doctors use clinical research studies data to compare current treatments or drugs available with potentially better ones, in this way they can keep improving the care offered to the patients. As with the increasing resistance power of new strains of disease causing microbes and viruses, the more effective and cheap treatment is the need of the hour. Also the increasing population demands for cost effective treatment which can reach the poor as well.

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