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Medical Profession – Service to mankind or just a job?

What was once a noble profession now seems like a high-risk job.

Numerous publicized instances of violence against health professionals have brought alive a fundamental question – has healthcare changed from being a service-oriented profession to a business model?

Well, there are two sides to a coin. 

Medical Profession-Pract Medical Profession-Examining

It is but fair to note that those who opt for this rather tedious and relatively thankless profession do so out of passion for medicine .It takes years of toil and practice to build credibility and a bank of personal knowledge that comes with experience. Ultimately, however, the fact remains that it is also a source of their livelihood. Doctors, paramedics and other support staff that constitute the “essential services” willingly sacrifice a variety of comforts, be it a restful night’s sleep or time with family, to make sure urgent matters are attended to first. To add to that, morbidity, pain and death are all a part of everyday work.


On the other hand, the patient/consumer set has its own story to tell. Rising cost of health care, too many diagnostic tests, apparently unnecessary surgeries and drugs, lack of facility in emergency situation, indifferent attitude or apathy of healthcare professional are some of the concerns from the patient’s point of view.


Most often, the first intent of a medical practitioner is to do no harm. Making people well is what they are meant to do.

The various “points” the patient/consumer makes about too many tests increasing the cost of healthcare are in fact a protective mechanism in today’s times. Defense against under-diagnosing or misdiagnosing and being sued for that, is a real threat in today’s times.

The patient has become a consumer .The patient obviously has a right to know about the treatment he or she is getting or the need for certain tests to be performed in the course of illness. There’s also a lot of information available online and knowledge is not exclusive. However, it is also a fact that no amount of reading, even for the doctor, can replace the knowledge gained from experience and understanding of the fundamentals of medicine as a science. It is therefore important for the patient/consumer to understand this before judging a healthcare professional’s decision.


Cost of healthcare, undoubtedly, has risen. For the average middleclass person, a specialist’s consultation costs as much as a movie ticket in a multiplex; that is not bad!

However, multiple consultations, a multitude of tests, admission to hospitals that form a part of a chronic condition obviously is extremely difficult for the common man to sustain; And the less said about the economically deprived, the better.

It is here, that the private healthcare players need to devise a sustainable model that is pocket-friendly for the patient as well as profitable for them.


Another oft discussed topic is that of apathy and indifference to the patient’s well being. Here, one should consider that before everything else, a doctor is human, is sometimes dependant on availability of medication, equipment, and diagnostic facility to offer full care in a critical situation. Sometime, despite all efforts, it is not possible to prolong life or save a limb and while the onus lies on the physician to explain the scenario to the aggrieved, it is also important for the patient and their well wishers to empathize with the person who brings bad news . For, even for the strongest individual, sharing sad news and being helpless about it is heartbreaking.


Having seen both sides of the scenario, one believes that a prudent way to deal with illness is to find a learned physician, adequate health insurance, a hospital within reasonable economic reach and of course some trust!

3 thoughts on “Medical Profession – Service to mankind or just a job?

  1. Dr.Archana Muralidharan

    Yes medical profession is no more sacred. Patients are educated and visit a doctor with complete information about their ailment. At any given point of time knowledge of doctor will be superior than patient knowledge. Doctor needs to respect patients knowledge .Medicine is an ocean some time doctor can also go wrong in diagnosing or treating. So both patient and doctor needs to get out box , think with open mind. Of course cost of living has increased so the medical expenses as well. We need to adapt to the changes .doctors need to keep fee structure affordable, do necessary investigations, do surgery if indicated. I think if you follow proper ethical protocol most of problems can be solved. At the end doctors are treating mankind, need to practice with service mind and in other hand Patients need to treat doctors as human being , respect their knowledge , most importantly have faith and do not doubt each doctor by looking at one bad untoward incidence which happened.

    May 11, 2015 at 2:45 pm
  2. Ravishankar Rao

    I completely agree with Dr. Archana, Medicine is an ocean, but doctors know better than their patients how to swim out of the trouble and the possible side effects & pharmacology of the drug. Patients read only their problems from various sources and think they know it all.

    May 12, 2015 at 4:09 am

    Medical profession is truly a noble profession.A patients vomit, feaces urine everything is handled by a doctor with no regrets,unlike the patient’s family members who shy away from it. A doctor charges fees for his knowledge, which is minimal incomparision to any other services, even a plumber charges Rs 500 per visit. I blame the Indian media for giving negative publicity to health profession just to increase their TRP. Both the Doctor and patient are at loss because of the TRUST being lost and the media gaining milage.A very sorry situation…….

    May 14, 2015 at 1:00 pm

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