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eToilet – India’s first automatic, unmanned, electronic public toilet.

2.5 billion people are currently living without a toilet;
That’s 2.5 billion reasons to start talking & acting on sanitation!

 That is the motto of Eram Scientific Solutions Pvt ltd, which developed an India specific sanitation concept that they very aptly called the eToilet .

Imagine that you have stopped enroute a fascinating drive for a toilet break in the late evening. You have found this location mapped on your GPRS. You find a stainless steel futuristic looking box that says  ‘e Toilet’. You walk up. There is a display light outside the toilet unit, which shows the unit is ‘Unoccupied’ indicating it with a Green light. There is a sign that says ‘Insert coin’. You inset a coin and the door automatically unlocks to reveal a gleaming, well-lit interior.

Upon entering the toilet, indoor lights and fan switch on automatically. Pre-flush system wets the closet initially to ensure cleanliness. You finish your business and a signage prompts you to flush manually. Even if you forget to flush after usage, you are sure the system will automatically flush after you exit.

An automatic floor cleaning mechanism is also provided, through which, pressure washing will clean the floor automatically. You decide not to push the switch since you know it is programmed to function after a specified usage.

A typical experience of using an e Toilet would be clean, hygienic, simple, convenient and even delightful if compared with the usual ‘on the go’ options


eToilet is an indigenous revenue generating innovatively designed and engineered public sanitation model with a unique ambience and to suit the Indian cities and urban locations

The long-term vision envisages to build a sustainable and well-maintained toilet and public infrastructure network across the Country that is affordable and accessible to the common man.

The idea is to make eToilet 100% touch less for use, to develop eToilets which are self-sustainable, creating their own energy and water for functioning and also powering the external environment.

Over 600 E toilets have been installed across 14 states in India; Located in extreme temperatures ranging from 50 degrees to -15 degrees centigrade

After long years of meticulous diagnosis of the sanitation crisis, Eram Scientific developed eToilet (Patent Pending), which addresses the concerns of structural integrity, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene and a dedicated maintenance plan through its product & Service methodology for eToilets.

eToilets are built of Stainless Steel or Mild Steel enclosures and have electronic systems for enhancing user experience and for tracking the health status of eToilets. eToilets have automated access control systems, sensor enabled water minimization, self-washing and floor wash mechanisms.

The interiors of eToilet provide a high ambience in terms of look, feel and functionality. The well-lit interiors with LED lights glows only when a person enters and has ample natural ventilation as well as offers privacy and safety.

These modular, unmanned self-cleaning eToilets have simple user interfaces and a comprehensive maintenance plan, which ensures that the eToilets are clean and hygienic for every user. The stainless Steel enclosures that are extremely durable, corrosion-resistant and are unswerving in the long run. eToilet has a facility of pre-flushing before entering, automatic flushing once usage is done, in-built water tanks, sensors for water and electricity conservation, automatic platform cleaning and power back-up with coin operated entry. Keeping in mind individual needs these toilets are programmed to flush 1.5 litres of water after three minutes of usage or 4.5 litres if usage is longer. The performance status of the units can also be monitored via web using GPRS connectivity of the units.

The eToilets incorporate a full-cycle approach in sustainable sanitation by integrating electrical, mechanical and web-mobile technologies

Report generation on usage


New formats –

A range of interventions in the form of various product variants such as eToilet General Public Model, Civic/School Model, e-Lite 14 for schools and She Toilet have been developed.

In addition to these, Eram Scientific has also introduced World’s most economically priced solar powered, self-cleaning eToilet, with inbuilt solar panel and metallic platform for schools. The model called e-Lite14 eToilet for schools has automated self-cleaning and washing mechanisms and automatic floor wash system, automatic ceiling light, in-built sensors to conserve electricity and water and an overhead water tank. The base of eToilet is made of stainless steel, with specially designed closet and body built of Mild Steel for durability and safety. Ample natural lighting and ventilation are provided to the eToilet and it is solar powered. This exclusive model is aimed at buyers in the private sectors, NGOs, CSR, Foundations also.

eToilet Images:

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Environmental Impact :
The unique proposition on Water conservation and environmental impact makes this concept a winner. E Toilets are easy to install ,consume less water and are power efficient. Enhanced cleanliness through auto flushes & floor washing is a unique feature and no regular manual cleaning/ maintenance is required.Onsite waste treatment is executed using anaerobic biodegradation.

eToilet takes care of the on-site waste treatment through a Bio digester- an anaerobic technology developed by DRDO, Govt. of India. These sewage treatment plants (STPs) are highly reliable and effluents cause no harm to the environment.

Comparison with conventional models – Source – ERAM

  Water Efficiency Electricity Efficiency Cleaner Sewage Treatment
Conventional Options 15-20 litres for flushing and floor washing per use Use conventional power sources Normal concrete pits constantly suffer from waste clogging and overflowing
eToilet & Anapackage Sewage Treatment Plant CPU controlled valve flushes 4-6 litres depending on usage time5 litres for floor washing after every 5 uses Sensor- controlled electric
systems like fan, light, audioMechanism to connect to solar panels
Anapackage utilizes anaerobic bacterial decomposition for sludge treatment in separate CompartmentsSewage Treatment Plant does
not require electricity

Source – ERAM


SEWAGE TREATMENT – STP in eToilet can be connected to:

  • Anapackage (Anaerobic STP)
  • DRDO Bio digester
    Existing sewer line
  • Septic Tank


In each year from 2011 the usage is increased on an average of 250 % which is a clear indication of public acceptance of our solution. Currently, we are implementing largescale sanitation projects in association with Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), Corporation of Chennai, Kerala State Women’s Development Corporation, Greater Visakhpatnam Municipal Corporation etc.

About ERAM’s further plans on eToilets


ESS is now developing eToilets that are self-sustainable and Nutrient-Energy-Water recovering and which meet international standards. ESS is collaborating with other grantees of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for recovering water, energy, fertilizers or a combination of one or more of them through suitable sewage management solutions. It is expected that these projects would ultimately make eToilets self-sufficient in water and energy requirements.

Eram Scientific is collaborating with California Institute of Technology (CALTECH), Duke University and University of South Florida (USF) to integrate various models of eToilets with the processing units of the international collaborators and test the combined systems in several locations across India. Currently, ESS is conducting field trials with California Institute of Technology in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and Duke University in IIT Chennai, Tamil Nadu by front ending their treatment systems for bringing in more sustainable energy recovering solutions.

The field trial with University of South Florida is part of another BMGF collaborated grant, promoted by BIRAC, Govt. of India, which is nearing approval and initiation.

The association with is yet another project supported by the BMGF. ESS is currently engaged with in synthesizing user expectations with a technologically robust eToilet. The project worked on the lines of improving and enhancing user experience and awareness of eToilet. The project was actually an introspection on what the user really wants/ expects from an eToilet. User aspiration is a critical element that shape the design, aesthetics and model of a toilet, be it household, public or school.

In addition to these, Eram has also been successful in integrating environment-friendly sewage treatment units in association with established national and international players as well like the DRDO and ISEA, Italy.

Having identified the need for employing demand-responsive and integrated approaches in the sanitation sector, there is renewed focus to tap the existing and widening gap in the semi-urban, rural sectors including slums.

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  3. This is an excellent solution for # of our country. Its surprising to know the amount of science,tech and research involved.Appreciate ERAM for their exemplary work so far.Nearly 1 child in India is dying every second and about 1.5 million child deaths were recorded in 2012 as per UN due to inadequate sanitation.Would be happy to know what are the challenges in scaling this up from 600 units to 6 lakh units specially when toilet for everyone is promoted at a government level.I also heard that sanitation is one of the goals that Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is also focusing in India.Thanks to Think Science for providing such a valuable information.

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