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TSI Essay Contest Winning entry – If I were a Scientist


If i were a scientist, i would invent a device that would probably help us in our daily life. A device that would help us to keep up with our daily chores as well as our health. Yes; i am talking about the “Mind Controller”.

Well in my device there would be 2 ways controlling. One would be the mechanical controller and the other emotional controller.

Now, let me make you familiar with my mechanical controller. This would function as a multitasker. It is a small device which is worn around the head, and it is connected to the computer or laptop or i phone via Bluetooth. It is a simple looking machine that would do the most complicated job! Now, since, your brain is connected with the computer the screen acts as a projector of our thoughts or projects what we are thinking.

If you want to watch a movie from you tube, just think about it and you will find a YouTube page popping up on your screen and think of a movie, it starts playing. The same with the music lovers. Just connect the speakers to your computer and think of a song from your playlist and you would start enjoying your favourite songs.

Well this was a simple way of mechanical mind controller. The other way to use any device is indeed helpful for the disabled on physically challenged. Along with a device which you wear around your head, you need to attach a sensor to any convenient place for the people using wheel chair, sensor is connected to their wheel chair or a person with artificial limb or hand, the sensor can be attached to these artificial limb or hand respectively. So with the help of the controller and sensor, a person on a wheel chair can move around wherever he/she wishes to go without anyone’s help or he/she would hurt his or her hand in moving the wheels of the wheel chair. Similarly if a person with an artificial limb wishes to walk comfortably without trembling, falling, then he/she can do it effortlessly. In fact this can be used for a person with paralysed limbs and arms too.

My device would also help in reading a person’s mind. This would help in medical fields, if a person is in coma; then, as mentioned earlier brain can be connected with a desktop or laptop to know what is going on in that person’s mind at that moment. Not only that, we can also read what is going on in a deaf and dumb person’s mind; as he/she is unable to express thoughts or feelings through words. So we can picturise and interpret what that person is thinking.

These were some ways of mechanical control of mind. Now, let’s move on to the emotional control of our mind.

As humans, we think a lot, stress ourselves, get irritated, we get tensed and angry and what not? All these emotions have an adverse effect on our health. Because of our stress we get many diseases such as BP, Diabetes etc. Also we suffer from sleeplessness.

Now a days, humans of all ages are suffering from a very dangerous disease. each and every person on this earth has this illness. We can find this where ever we go. This illness may be found among the siblings, friends and relatives, among a couple and also within ourselves. This illness is nothing but “Human Ego”.

We suffer from pride of wealth, pride of knowledge, pride of beauty and pride of power.

We become egoist when we talk and think too much about ourselves. Our outer beauty fades away with the age when our ego starts ruling our mind. It causes us to forget our self.

So to overcome these and to explore our true inner beauty and potential, we must control our mind and keep it free from all such ill thoughts.

Coming to my advice; it would probably act as an indicator of our emotions, like when you are too much   stressed out or tensed or angry then it would send an electrical signal to your brain to control your emotions and control the anger or hyper excised state. When you are angry, it would not allow you to speak, along with signalising the brain to calm down so that you would avoid having an unnecessary argument with your colleuge, friend or siblings.

Controlling such type of excited emotion also helps you to maintain a good relation with people around you and keep you free from all the diseases.

Thus controlling our mind mechanically and emotionally is very necessary to live in this digital era as physically, mentally and emotionally controlled person.




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