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Clinical Trial scenario in India

Clinical Trial in India “Are we really are the Guinea Pigs”, and Current Indian Scenario

What we perceive from Clinical Trials is testing of a drug on human beings who are treated as experimental “guinea pigs”.

Clinical research is part of developing a new drug molecule or testing the generic copies of the more costly and unavailable drug. Yes, it looks as we humans are guinea pigs and companies are testing their drugs on us like Guinea pigs, but there are two sides of a coin.

Drug manufacturing companies and Doctors use clinical research studies data to compare current treatments or drugs available with potentially better ones, in this way they can keep improving the care offered to the patients. As with the increasing resistance power of new strains of disease causing microbes and viruses, the more effective and cheap treatment is the need of the hour. Also the increasing population demands for cost effective treatment which can reach the poor as well.

Give me some Sunshine

The words of Charles Dickens where he writes about the bright sun not only bringing light, but also new life, hope and freshness certainly ring true, especially to someone who has been Vitamin D deficient for a while…

If you are used to a lifestyle of relative comfort, driving down, windows rolled up, to your air-conditioned workplace, leaving late, if your weekend recreation is limited to visiting theatres, malls and other indoor entertainment, and on top of that you deprive yourself of the right kind of food, you are a likely candidate for severe Vitamin D deficiency.

Breakthrough in Mining Technology


Iron has been used in India since 1200 BC or maybe even earlier.With time new ways of extraction and use have been developed.Even today,processes continue to evolve in our quest for perfection.

This paper describes a significant breakthrough in the process of removal of Silica, in a commercial setting, through a modified Froth washing in flotation and HGMS magnets technology.

This methodology has proven useful for iron ore Pellet making plants. The results of this study show a significant improvement in the resultant product that positively impacts. Cost factors and profitability and Benchmarking parameters for exports.

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